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Can my parents gift me my down-payment?

Yes, generally speaking, parents can gift you all or part of your downpayment towards your purchase. In order to satisfy lender conditions for accepting gifted…

What Does My Letter of Employment Need to Say?

In order to confirm your income and your employment, you will need to provide a letter of employment from your employer. This letter must…

What Is The Minimum Down Payment to Buy?

The minimum down payment varies depending on your purchase price and your intended use of the property.



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Who Is An Income-Qualified Borrower?

Who Is An Income-Qualified Borrower?

WHO IS AN INCOME-QUALIFIED BORROWER? An income-qualified borrower is someone with sufficient employment income to service their mortgage.  The most important question for the lender is, "how will they repay this mortgage?" There are several ways a borrower can qualify...

What Is The B-20 Stress-Test?

What Is The B-20 Stress-Test?

Do You Understand the B-20 Stress Test? A recent survey shed light on the lack of knowledge surrounding the B-20 Stress Test.  The B-20 Stress Test has been in place for more than a year.  Surprisingly, 43% of Canadians are not confident they fully understand the...


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