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7 Tips For A Maximum Appraisal Value

APPRAISAL VALUES NEEDED FOR ALL MORTGAGES The appraisal value is used by the majority of lenders to determine the fair market value of your home.  A licensed appraiser will determine the appraised value by completing a full report. Bank, Monoline lenders and Credit...

Verifying Your Source Of Funds

Verifying Your Source Of Funds Verifying your source of funds used to purchase real estate has recently come under scrutiny.  It seems every day more information comes to light about the extent of money laundering in British Columbia.  It appears billions of dollars...

Mortgage Payment Options

Different Types of Mortgage Payments Options   Congratulations, you've found your dream home and your trusted Mortgage Broker secured your mortgage. You have many mortgage payment options to pay off your mortgage faster.  Faster repayment means less interest paid...


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