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7 Closing Costs When Buying a Home in BC

Understanding closing costs is crucial for a smooth transaction when purchasing a home in North Vancouver or anywhere in BC. (This blog will focus on the British Columbia market) Closing costs are the various fees, taxes, and other expenses that buyers and sellers...

Mortgage Broker Costs – How Much Does It Cost the Borrowers?

Mortgage Broker costs are typically free as the Broker is compensated by the lender for bringing the business to them. In some cases, there may..

February Data Bodes Well For A Strong Spring Housing Market

Spring Housing Market Looking Strong The spring housing market is shaping up to be busy based on the Canadian Real Estate Association's announcment today that national home sales dipped 3.1% m/m in February while home prices were flat, ending a five-month price...

7 Tips For A Smooth Mortgage Approval

Securing a mortgage approval is a pivotal step in buying a home, especially in a competitive market like North Vancouver. Understanding the process and what lenders look for can significantly enhance your chances of approval.